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Maximise Hospitality Graduate School with Stenden-Derby Dual Degree

Stenden University of Applied Sciences is partnering with University of Derby to deliver the Double Master’s Degree Programme in Hospitality and Tourism Studies from 2016/17. The first of its kind, this programme enables students to receive a distinctive educational experience which involves both offline and online learning in the Netherlands and the UK. Upon successful completion of the programme, you will gain a Dutch Master of Arts and a UK Master of Sciences.

The main goal of this dual degree is to give hospitality students a global perspective, exposure to faculty expertise and an international professional network that they could not encounter if studying at only one institution. “Stenden University has offered master degrees in tourism and hospitality for more than 20 years, but this partnership with the UK’s leading institution in this domain takes us to a whole new level… [T]he partnership brings a range of other benefits including staff and student exchanges, opportunities for joint research and staff development, as well as providing the foundation other dual”, say Craig Thompson, Head of School of Stenden Hotel Management School.

During the course of 14 months, you will not only take classes in hospitality and tourism studies, but also participate in a two-week field-trip to the UK, gain work experience in the Stenden Hotel and complete a post-graduation international internship. Those opportunities will surely enhance your careers prospect in a global job market.

Stenden Hotel

Students are able to gain experience in Stenden Hotel, a fully functional 4* hotel on the campus of Steden University in Leeuwarden.

University of Derby alumni and Stenden postgrad student Andy Hayes is among the first to benefit from Stenden-Derby Dual Degree Collaborative Partnership. Andy has enrolled in a conventional 14-month hospitality programme at Stenden this year, but the new partnership means he could very well end up with two Master’s degrees without extending his time of study. “The programme tests my mental abilities to the fullest extent, making me a more critical and analytical. I know exactly what my strengths and weaknesses are. I am being exposed to the new situations, which are inspiring me to become a better learner and a better leader”, he says.

Stenden University of Applied Science is accepting applications for 2016/17 intake. Those wishing to apply for the Double Master’s Degree Programme in Hospitality and Tourism Studies can follow the instructions here.

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