Victimology and Criminal Justice

Course Information
  • Subject: Law
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Course description

Victimology can be considered the younger sister of criminology. Its object of study is the position of victims in society. Drawing upon the insights offered by law, psychology, criminology and other social sciences, victimologists look at the consequences of becoming of victim of crime, accidents or disasters with the ultimate aim of setting people on the path of recovery and restoration.

This MSc is aimed at motivated students with educational backgrounds in criminology, law, psychology, sociology, anthropology and liberal arts.

Why Study the MSc in Victimology and Criminal Justice?

This MSc teaches students to academically analyse and professionally solve psychosocial, economic, political, and legal problems arising from victimisation. It particularly focuses on the victim within the context of the criminal justice system.

Students can expect to acquire the necessary intellectual knowledge and skills to tackle victimological or related challenges in either a academic research or professional setting. With a growing need for employees with an academic background in victimology in international and national, governmental and non-governmental organisations in the field of criminal justice, health care, disaster relieve, human rights, etc. graduates of this programme have a wide range of employment opportunities. The master also offers an excellent preparation for those who want to pursue a PhD.

Career Prospects

Victim-related issues are of increasing interest within academia, policy-making, and the public and the private sectors at both the national and international levels.

Graduates of the Master in Victimology and Criminal Justice are in high demand by institutions and organisations dealing with victims of crime and/or human rights violations, such as:

  • ministries
  • local governments
  • victim support or assistance bodies
  • national, European and international public or private institutions dealing with victims of crime and/or human rights violations

Furthermore, with the growing importance of victims' rights in criminal justice systems, graduates of this Master's programme can expect to embark on a rewarding career in victim-related services within judiciaries.

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