Course Information
  • Subject: Sociology, Social Sciences
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Course description

The Master's in Sociology is an English-taught programme that focuses on the analysis of problems of social cohesion (e.g., crime, social contacts, solidarity). It does so comparing individuals and countries. The programme has a theoretical- empirical research focus. Social problems and issues are translated into sociological research questions and analysed with the aid of theories and advanced research methods. Students will also learn how policy solutions can be derived from results of sociological analyses, and to evaluate policy.

Questions dealt with include:

  • What are people's attitudes about welfare rights for minority groups in society, such as immigrants, and what factors can explain these attitudes?
  • Does a country's social security system effect solidarity with one's fellow citizens?
  • Do people increasingly act individually, and does the existence of and involvement in social media compensate for this?
  • How can we explain the growth of political cynicism?
  • What social groups are more involved in crime?
  • Are certain social groups more involved in crime than others?

Extended Master's in Sociology (EMS)

The Extended Master in Sociology (EMS) consists of the (regular) programme of the Master Sociology extended with a unique one-year traineeship position. The entire programme lasts 18 months (90 ECTS).

During the first semester, EMS students will do the course work of the regular one-year Master in Sociology at Tilburg University. During semesters two and three, students will follow a junior traineeship at a selected organisation for 50% of their time, during which they will participate in existing (research) projects; for the other 50% of the time students will carry out research for - and write - the Master’s Thesis.

The EMS combines academic education and scientific research during the Master's thesis trajectory with in-depth work experience in an organisation. The goal of the EMS is to provide students with relevant work experience and to enhance their research skills and knowledge.

Double Degree in Sociology and Population Studies

The English-taught international Master in Sociology and Population Studies is a Double Degree course offered jointly by Universitat Pompeu Fabra and Tilburg University. This 18-month Double Degree Programme is taught both in Barcelona (first year) and in Tilburg (second year). 
Double degree UPF and Tilburg

Double Degree Programme Tilburg and Trento

Have you decided to continue your education after your Bachelor's degree with a Master's degree in Sociology? Are you looking for a unique experience abroad to prepare yourself for a career in an international organisation? Do you want to challenge yourself academically and distinguish yourself from your fellow students? Then we have the challenge for you! We have a unique, English-taught two year double degree programme with the University of Trento in Italy.
Double degree Tilburg and Trento

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