Organisation Studies

Course Information
  • Subject: Business, Social Sciences
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Course description

Building on the latest research on how organisations function, this Master’s programme offers a inter-disciplinary, Social-Science perspective on the ways in which highly complex organisations respond to fast-changing, dynamic environments.

The Master in Organisation Studies provides you with a critical understanding of how organizations and people within them behave and is especially focused on organisational complexity and dynamics.

It is designed for those seeking a sound theoretical basis in organisation studies, a deeper level of understanding about how organisations deal with complexity and dynamics and an advanced level study that will generate transferable skills and facilitate employment in a great variety of organisations.

Why Study the MSc in Organisation Studies?

  • This English-taught Master's programme is clearly structured and focused on complexity and dynamics.
  • You learn to understand and analyse organisations from an interdisciplinary perspective(i.e., involving Organisation Science, Sociology, Psychology and Business Management), which is a unique approach in the Netherlands.
  • You will be prepared for teamwork through frequent group assignments in real-life settings, as well as through the acquisition of knowledge on team processes.
  • You will be trained by means of a variety of interactive teaching methods such as team work, peer review, case studies, presentations, workshops, etc.
  • You have the unique opportunity to expand your programme with the Extended Master'ss Programme Organisation Studies, which strengthens your career prospects by adding a one-year professional traineeship to your experience in a wide range of companies
  • You will receive support and feedback from a small group of fellow students while writing your thesis in the so-called Thesis Circles.

Career Prospects

Students who graduate in Organisation Studies at Tilburg University have very good career opportunities. In a society where changes follow changes ever more rapidly, organisations need people who have knowledge and a deeper understanding about organisations and organising, and who can research and analyse problems in organisations and the way these problems are interconnected.

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