International Management

Course Information
  • Subject: Management, Business
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

Organisations today seek employees with a broad understanding of global business. The Master's program in International Management offers you exactly this opportunity: to become a highly skilled generalist with an integrated overview of business, management and corporate responsibility that is essential to any successful manager.

Business and Management Disciplines

The course curriculum covers all the major business and management disciplines: accounting, marketing, management, organisational systems, and finance - while ensuring that you will have a comprehensive understanding of how organisations can operate in a corporate responsible way to create value for every stakeholder involved.

The MSc in International Management can offer you:

  • The broad knowledge framework and comprehensive skill set needed for understanding, managing and resolving the diverse dilemmas that exist within an organisation.
  • A truly global experience that includes teaching by international academics and practitioners, culturally diverse classmates and content that incorporates global business methods and models.
  • A student-centred approach to learning, where you enjoy more individual attention from professors and thus more time to delve into topics and test your ideas.
  • Ideal preparation for a future managerial career whether your ambitions lie in business, non-profit or the public sector.

Two start dates are available for the Master's programme in International Management: end of August and end of January.

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