Game Technology

Course Information
  • Subject: Game Design, Computer Science
  • Level: Master
  • Type of Degree: MSc
  • Cost: EUR 1,951 2015/2016

In cooperation with the international game industry, NHTV has developed the Master in Game Technology. This one-year master provides you with skills and knowledge that allow you to take on tomorrow’s challenges in game development, as well as the broad field of digital media.

Multi-disciplinary approach

Like the NHTV  bachelor in Game Architecture and Design, the Master Game Technology distinguishes multiple disciplines in game development. A tailor-made programme is offered to programmers and visual artists. In both cases, a strong technical approach is used, which trains programmers to become research-oriented problem solvers, and visual artists to become technical artists.


Many of the challenges in game development consist of new problems, for which ready-made solutions are unavailable. The game industry greatly benefits from knowledge in academia. The gap between scientific and applied knowledge offers great opportunities for those able to tap the source of scientific literature and to apply this in a practical product.


Like our bachelor in Game Architecture and Design, our Master in Game Technology course staff consists of industry veterans, trained at Masters or Ph.D. level. This provides a practical focus, realistic assignments, a broad industry network and knowledge that is directly applicable to modern game development.

Guest lectures

Throughout the Master course, you will be able to attend guest lectures from a variety of experts from industry and academia. This ensures exposure to up-to-date knowledge, and insights from a broad range of experienced practitioners.


During the final stage of the Master's programme, you will work on a topic of choice, applying the gained knowledge. The result is a either a concrete product to kick start your career, or an excellent addition to your portfolio.

Video about the Master in Game Technology

In this video, lecturer Jakko Bikker who is responsible for the development of the Master in Game Technology programme, shares some information about the programme with you.

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