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Universities in Sweden

Swedish universities currently offers more than 770 English-taught Master’s programmes. English education is available at public universities, university college and private universities. You can find all Swedish universities that offer postgrad study in English using the search function on our website.

Following the involvement of Swedish universities in the Bologna process since 2007, Master’s is categorized as second level education. Master’s degrees fall into three categories:

  • Master, for general qualifications
  • Master of Fine Arts, for qualifications in fine, applied and performing arts
  • Master of Architecture and Master of Science, for professional qualifications

Master's programmes in Sweden are usually 60-credit (one-year programmes) or 120-credit (two-year programmes)

Swedish culture places importance on individuals and personal responsibility where strict hierarchy is less of a priority than team work and collaboration. This environment encourages independent creative and critical thinking and analysis – something that it reflected in Swedish higher education. Sweden is also a leader innovation. Its investment in R&D is amongst the highest in the world in relation to GDP, and some of this is carried out by universities and collaborative projects with industry.

Swedish is the official language of the country, but around 90% of the Swedish population speaks English. English is commonly used as the corporate language within Swedish multinational organisations.

Accreditation and Recognition in Sweden

In Sweden, all degree programmes are accredited by the Swedish Higher Education Authority. Evaluations are carried out every six years with a great focus on student experience.

A number of Swedish universities have introduced the “European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System” (ECTS) standard grading scale for all students. The system allows you to get your degree “compared” within the EU. It also specifies learning outcomes and competences to be acquired.

Universities in Sweden