Apply for Postgrad Study in Finland How to apply to a masters programme in finland

We hope that you've found a perfect Master's programme in Finland using our database of all postgrad courses taught in English. The next step is to complete your Master's application. Although British students don't need to pay for tuition fees in Finland, we still recommend that you check the information about postgrad funding on our site before you apply. You don't want to miss out on any opportunity to receive grants that help cover your living costs in Finland. Here are a few key points about the application process for postgrad study in Finland.

When to apply for a Master's programme in Finland?

Applying for a Master's programme at a university

There is no officially centralised university application system in Finland, meaning there is no national deadline for application to do postgrad study in the country. Application periods fall between late November and March every year for the majority of postgrad courses in Finland. Most Finnish universities only run one admission round each year. For example, in 2015 Aalto University’s application window for Master’s degrees was between 15th December 2014 and 30th January 2015.

You should check the exact application periods and application deadlines on the website of your chosen university. As a rule the online application forms are available on the universities' admissions pages only during the application period so you may not find all the information you need at other times.

Ordinarily you apply directly to the university you are interested in attending there is no centralised application process. However, seven Finnish universities have started using University Admission Finland for credential evaluation and evaluation of language skills. They are:

This means when you apply for a Master's programme at one of these universities, you need to send the required documents to the University Admissions Finland’s (UAF's) office by mail, not the university.

That there is no overall limit to the number of applications you can make although some universities might restrict the number of applications you can make to their postgraduate courses.

Applying for a Master's programme at a university of applied sciences

The applications to a university of applied sciences (UAS) can be made directly to the UAS and in some cases they must be. However, there is a joint application service that can be used for multiple applications. In 2015 the application window is open from 17th March to 9th April 2015. The instructions for application can be different for courses offered in Finnish so be prepared for some discrepancies in the application process if you are looking at courses in both languages.

Keep in mind that the UAS Master's programmes require you to have a Bachelor's followed by at least three (3) years of relevant work experience.

Usually you will be restricted to applying to no more than six Master’s programmes at Finnish universities of applied sciences.

Entry requirements for postgrad study in Finland

Students are required to hold Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study.

Additionally, applicants to UAS Master's need to hold a Bachelor's followed by at least three (3) years of relevant work experience. The Master's offered by universities do not usually have this work experience requirement.

How to apply for postgrad study in Finland?

Most Finnish Higher Education institutions use online application systems. For universities of applied sciences there is a centralised application process which you can access at This system does not include the universities and you will be required to apply directly to them or University Application Finland.

Here is the list of documents that are often required by universities in Finland for postgraduate admission:

  • Application Form
  • Copy of Bachelor’s degree certificate.
  • If you are in the final year of an undergraduate programme when you apply for your Master's, you could submit a provisional degree certificate. We recommend that you contact the Academic Registrar's Office at your UK institution to obtain this certification.
  • Academic transcripts
  • A copy of your passport or an official ID card
  • CV
  • Two reference letters